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3 Ways to Shop for Food and Not Waste Any of It

Shop For Groceries Smart And Cook Frugally

Shop For Groceries Smart And Cook Frugally

When you’re doing your grocery shopping, it’s easy to buy too much of one thing and then let it go to waste. This happens especially in the cases of vegetables and fruit. Fresh organic items, also, are prone to going bad very quickly. Unless you’re intending to cook the items you’re buying immediately, chances are they might go to waste. This is a phenomenon that’s more common than you might first think. It’s also a huge waste of money, since you’re basically throwing away cash with your grocery bill. Here are three ways to shop for food and make sure none of it goes to waste.

Sell by Dates Are Important

Check For Expiration Dates

Check For Expiration Dates

Pay attention to sell by and expiration dates. Although some items can remain in storage for longer than the expiration date as long as they’re properly sealed or refrigerated, as the case may be, many cannot. If you don’t use certain items, such as fresh meat or dairy, before their expiration date, chances are you’ll be affronted with a very bad smell. When you buy these types of items, look for ones with the latest sell by date. In the case of most items, it should be at least one or two weeks away from the current date. One fatal mistake that many shoppers make is buying food that has a sell by date only a few days away. This means, in effect, that you have a very short amount of time to consume the item. Pay attention to these dates and ensure that you have ample time to use the food.

When to Buy in Bulk

Buying In Bulk Might Be A Waste Of Money

Buying In Bulk Might Be A Waste Of Money

There are times when buying in bulk might be tempting because of a major sale going on. It’s not always a good idea, though, and can result in a huge amount of wasted money. A good time to buy in bulk is during sales on non-perishable items, like beverages and canned soup. On the other hand, if there’s a sale for chicken per pound, don’t buy three pounds of it unless you plan on making it immediately. The only other options is to freeze the meat, which is a good approach to saving it, but make sure you realize how much food you’re actually purchasing. Don’t just buy things indiscriminately because they happen to be on sale, because it could actually cost you more in the long run.

Taking Food to Work

A great way to make sure food isn’t wasted is to make a point of taking leftovers to work. It requires a little more preparation, but you save money in two ways. On the one hand, you’re not wasting a single bit of food that you already bought. Additionally, you’re not spending money on buying lunch out. This is a double value, and it’s also more healthy. Cooking for yourself and eating home cooked is always vastly superior to eating something from a takeout restaurant, or even the work cafeteria. It also gives you a sense of self sufficiency, which can actually give you a boost at your job. The higher the quality of the food you consume, the better mental energy you’ll have. If you’re going to have leftovers, don’t let them languish in the fridge either. That’s also tupperware you’ll have to hassle with washing. Overall, wasting food is wasteful on multiple levels that are worth preventing with a little extra attention.

4 Tips for Buying a Great Printer

Buying A Printer Can Be Tricky

Buying A Printer Can Be Tricky

Remember those noisy old printers that sounded like grinding machinery and seemed to take years to print anything? We’ve certainly come a long way from those days, but sometimes it can still seem like every printer you buy is unreliable, frustrating to use, and fails long before you’re ready to consider purchasing a new unit. If you’ve had your share of printer woes over the years but find that you still need to keep one hooked up to your machine, then shouldn’t you be preparing yourself with the knowledge of what makes a good printer, before you go out to buy a new one? By keeping a few simple things in mind, you can come home with a printer that not only makes you happy and gets the job done, but which lasts you for years and years.

Know Your Budget Well

One of the keys to successfully shopping for printers, and really for technology in general, is to know what your budget is going to be and stick to it. Do some research before you get started on your shopping trip to find out what printers generally cost, and what features will be included in that overall cost. You don’t want to get to the store to find out that there’s a model that has everything you want in it but costs fifty dollars more than what you brought with you, for example. Having a good idea of what you can get for your money will both keep you from settling for a substandard printer and also aid you in finding the device that will suit your needs the best. Don’t talk yourself into spending hundreds of dollars more than you planned to because you weren’t able to find the model you wanted, or because it has one gizmo you’d really like on your printer.

Don’t Buy Combination Devices Unless You Can’t Avoid It

Combo Devices Are Not Always Good

Combo Devices Are Not Always Good

If printing is only one of the things a device is capable of doing, alongside other tasks such as scanning pictures, copying documents, or even providing a fax service, then chances are it’s not going to be particularly good at doing any of those things. Combo devices try to look flashy and fancy by cramming as many different gadgets into one box as possible, but that usually occurs at the expense of functionality. If you thought you were having driver problems with printers before, wait until you need two CDs worth of software just to get it hooked up. If you’re going to look for a printer, then you should be set on buying a device that is simply a printer. Separate hardware purchases are your best bet for finding a device with good functionality.

The Advantages of Laser Printers

Let’s face it: printer ink is expensive, and if you have any experience with using an inkjet printer, you know that it gets used up fast. The cost of keeping your printer running ink can be astronomical, especially if you are printing any kind of volume. Consider investing in a laser printer instead. While it can be much more expensive up front, over the life of the device you will find that you save a lot of money on ink. Laser printers even come in color now, and toner is less expensive than liquid ink. Laser printers are much faster than inkjets and can offer more reliable quality. The best advantage, though, is the fact that inkjet printers simply break down all the time. Laser printers are much more reliable, and they could be worth your money.

Free Printers Aren’t Worth the Deals They Come In

Free Printers Are Usually Bad Quality Products

Free Printers Are Usually Bad Quality Products

Lots of office supply stores will run deals where they’ll throw in a free printer alongside another purchase, which may be so inexpensive as to make you feel like you’re stealing the printer. There’s a reason for this: it’s not going to last you through the end of the year. Free printers given away by stores are often of such low quality that you’ll be back at the store looking for a replacement in no time. Save your money and don’t buy something you don’t need just to get a printer. Use that cash to actually buy yourself a reliable machine.

When to Call Off Your Diet

Dieting Does Not Mean Starving Yourself

Dieting Does Not Mean Starving Yourself

Obviously most people don’t want to willingly call off their diet, especially if they’ve had a history of quitting on their diets. There’s the worry about what your friends will think, the concern of finding a new diet, and a medley of other things to take into account. These are understandable things to keep you from calling off your diet, but sometimes it’s a necessity. Not everyone is meant for every kind of diet, and you shouldn’t beat yourself up over it if your diet just isn’t working out. If you’re on the fence about whether or not it’s time to call it quits, take a look at these hints that it might be time to throw in the towel.

Weight Loss is Too Sudden

Naturally, fast results seem like a good thing, but they really aren’t at all in the long run. Losing weight rapidly is a sign that your body isn’t taking well to the diet, and is becoming unhealthy because of it. Weight loss that is too sudden tells you that your body isn’t getting right amount of nutrients, and is preparing itself for starvation. That’s probably not what you want out of your diet, right? There’s a difference between losing weight and starving yourself. If it feels more like the latter, then there’s a problem. Even the fad diets have their flaws, and sometimes the diet just won’t have enough available to keep your body going. Don’t hesitate to call it off if you’re losing more than a few pounds a week, because you can end up seriously injuring yourself if you ignore the signs.

Feeling Sick/Lethargic

You Must Eat Healthy... To Avoid Sickness

You Must Eat Healthy… To Avoid Sickness

The top sign that your diet isn’t doing what it should be for you is that you never feel energized at all. People who starve themselves and develop eating disorders report that they feel tired all the time, even though they perceive it as getting healthier. If you feel sick and tired constantly while you’re dieting, then you’re essentially “dieting” in the same way someone with an eating disorder is dieting. You’re not getting enough nutrients, and clearly the diet isn’t helping you out at all. If you don’t even have enough energy to work out regularly, then you won’t have the energy to carry on with daily life, let alone hit all your weight loss goals. Take a nice, long look at what you’re eating on your diet. If you’re not hitting all the parts of the food pyramid in some way, then that explains your dilemma right there. Giving up parts of the food pyramid without taking vitamin supplements will ensure that you lose weight, but you have to forfeit your livelihood in return. Instead of continuing down this path, it’s time to choose a new diet – one that actually takes care of all your needs. Don’t feel bad about it, just know that you’re doing something good for yourself, not giving up on losing weight. There are a million other diets you could choose from, so go to one of those instead.

Not Working

If Your Current Diet Is Not Working.. Find A New One

If Your Current Diet Is Not Working.. Find A New One

On the opposite end of the spectrum, it’s time to call it a day on your diet if it’s just not working for you. That being said, you need to make sure that you give it time to work. A month or so doesn’t cut it. Give it at least three months and if at the end of those three months you still haven’t seen results, it’s fine to give it the axe. You don’t want to rush results out of your diet, but there’s no point in continuing it if you’re not getting anything from it. That can end in you spending a ton of money on your diet for no good reason. You can’t be suited for every diet. Just accept it as a fact of life and move on to a new one. Hopefully that one will work for you, but if not, then don’t feel too bad about shopping around until you find the right diet for you.

Why You Should Spring For an Office Party

Offer An Office Party For Your Employees

Offer An Office Party For Your Employees

Bringing some levity into the workplace can be as difficult a task as some of the projects your company works on. When everyone is focused on meeting goals, exceeding expectations, and beating deadlines, it can be hard to slow down and take a few moments to relax while you’re at the office. It can be complicated by the fact that money might not always be easy to find when someone wants to spend it on an office celebration. However, as a manager, you should think about the benefits that throwing an office party could have for your staff.

Make the Workplace a Little More Fun

A Fun Workplace Will Help Employees To Actively Engaged In Their Jobs

A Fun Workplace Will Help Employees To Actively Engaged In Their Jobs

Are you employees acting unhappy? Does it seem like a huge chore for them to come in to work every day, or do you feel like there’s a cloud hanging over them? If your employees are all down in the dumps and morale is suffering, an office party could be just the thing to remind them of why they enjoy working with your company in the first place. Setting aside an entire afternoon to relax and socialize in the office makes the workplace more enjoyable, and if you can develop a track record of making such parties happen with a degree of regularity, your employees will be more likely to work through the difficult periods without complaint.

Give Your Employees a Breather

Work is stressful, and no one can deny that. It can really build up, though, when you’re working under the gun to complete a project in time, or when upper management is really knuckling down and demanding a high volume of completed work. If your personnel has been working hard for weeks or even months at a time, consider throwing them an office party to give them a well-deserved break. It’s okay to admit that sometimes work becomes tedious and monotonous, and you need to step back and gain some perspective on what’s working and what isn’t. An office party could even lead to a breakthrough for your project as your employees chat and socialize amongst themselves, hopefully enjoy some refreshing food and beverages.

Develop a Reputation for Being a Great Place to Work

The Secret To Exceeding Customer Expectations... A Happy Staff

The Secret To Exceeding Customer Expectations… A Happy Staff

If you want to attract people to your business and cultivate a reputation as being a place that people want to go and work, then you should be focusing on developing aspects of your company that attract long-term employees. Word about gestures that show you really appreciate the people who choose to work for you, such as having parties in the office either to celebrate milestones or mark holidays and birthdays, will spread quickly among your current and former employees. Being known as a fun place to work is a huge boon to you; not only can you demonstrate that you’re serious about being a leader in your field, but you’ve made it clear that you don’t need to have a stuffy, drab office to do it. Enhance the image of your business as a place where fun happens at the end of the day, and enjoy the benefits it brings.

Polyamory and You

A Polyamorous Relationship

A Polyamorous Relationship

If you’ve been generally dissatisfied with your recent relationships or you feel like something is missing, you might be curious about the idea of polyamory. Maybe you’ve heard of it before, or maybe you’ve never heard of it at all. Whether or not you actually want to give the polyamory lifestyle a try, you should know what it is and what it entails before you jump right in. the polyamorous lifestyle is not for everyone, and in fact it’s probably not even for most people at all. However, it’s still good to be informed about what polyamory is about and if it might be good for you or not. At the very least, knowing what polyamory even is will help you deal with it in case you ever come across someone who practices a polyamorous lifestyle in the future. Here’s everything you need to know about polyamory:

What Is Polyamory?

First of all, you might be wondering what it means to be polyamorous. You might not really understand it, or you may have some misconceptions about it. Polyamory is simply the practice of having more than one romantic partner at once with the full knowledge and consent of every single person involved. It isn’t cheating or swinging, because everyone involved knows about everything that goes on and accepts it. This may sound wild to you, but it can really work out for some people who just aren’t satisfied by one relationship. Sometimes each person involved can be involved together, or sometimes it may just be a few couples that all know and consent to being together. Either way, it’s a bit different from what you may be used to with monogamy. You may not even think that this is acceptable or something that can work out. If you’re curious about polyamory and you’re not convinced it can work, then you need to read on and learn more.

Can It Work?

It's Just A Different Kind Of Relationship

It’s Just A Different Kind Of Relationship

You might not think that polyamory can even work, and the truth is that for some people, it doesn’t work. However, you might find that it works for you if you’ve ever felt like you feel strongly for multiple people at the same time. Polyamorous relationships can work out just fine, but the key is to make sure that everyone involved is fully consenting and accepting of the relationship. It’s not okay to be in a monogamous relationship and then try to spring the idea of polyamorous relationships on your partner. This might seem like a great way to get some extra loving on the side, but it’s doomed for failure. Polyamorous relationships typically only work with other people who understand the poly lifestyle, so don’t start a poly relationship unless you know that your partner is okay with it and will consent to it.

Getting Started in the Scene

Polyamory Is Not Cheating... It's An Honest Relationship

Polyamory Is Not Cheating… It’s An Honest Relationship

The polyamorous scene can sometimes be difficult to get into, but if you know what you’re looking for then it can be a very supportive environment. You’ll be surrounded by other people who understand the poly lifestyle and can help with any issues that you ever have. You may want to look around online to find any poly communities on the Internet, which can help you find people to meet up with in person. It’s definitely important to get involved in the community so you don’t come across as someone who just wants to have a little something extra on the side. Polyamorous lifestyles require a lot of trust on all accounts, so make sure to work hard to earn the trust of your fellow members of the poly community.