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Affiliates need Spy Tools about as much as they need air to breath. The market has shifted in ways that can’t allow you to shoot in the dark anymore.

If you are an affiliate who is not yet on the Spy Tool bandwagon; get on it, now!

Yelling aside; the task to find the right Spy Tool is a daunting one. The Spy Tool market is overflowing. It is no longer enough to just have a Spy Tool; you need a multipurpose tool that does more than spy.

One tool stands above them all; AdSpy.

In this article, we shall show you how AdSpy will revolutionize your digital marketing efforts and change your business trajectory forever.

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About AdSpy Tool

AdSpy is a revolutionary Social Media Ad and PPC Spy Tool. With AdSpy, you can access a wide array of both Facebook and Instagram Ads as well as PPC campaigns.

AdSpy allows you to see what your rivals are advertisinghow they are advertising and how you can use their ideas to launch successful Ad campaigns for your business.

In a word, AdSpy presents the largest social media advertising platforms [Facebook and Instagram] and shows you how to leverage their traffic and potential to boost conversions and ROI.

In this review, we will discuss AdSpy’s most outstanding features and how to use them to your advantage. Later we will reveal our amazing AdSpy Coupon Code as the proverbial icing on the cake.

AdSpy Features

AdSpy is not shy about the features it offers. In fact, we are quite confident that you will find these features very useful.

For Affiliates by Affiliates

Essentially, AdSpy is a tool for affiliates. Their website states that it’s a tool created by affiliates for affiliates.

This is perhaps the strongest AdSpy attribute when it comes to digital marketing. Mainly because affiliates can find affiliate offers without having to search through millions of Ads.

You can search by Affiliate Networks or for specific affiliates by ID. Further, you can search for the Offer by ID or URL. Ultimately, you will see how your competition is promoting certain offers so you can gain ideas from it.

The best news is AdSpy can bypass cloakers. So, no matter how much your rivals try to hide their real Landing Pages, you will be able to access them, graphics and all.

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Extensive Ad Database

AdSpy has arguably the largest searchable database of Facebook and Instagram Ads.

We are talking numbers in the neighbourhood of 80.4 million Ads13.6 million advertisers, and 198 countries around the world. Also, AdSpy translates into 88 different languages.

Talk of diversity!

With these numbers, you can definitely uncover compelling new Ad campaignsdiscover trending products and products on the verge of trending, and scout for new unsaturated markets.

Adspy’s global coverage puts you in the front seat to access the world’s hottest trends as they unfold.

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Enhanced Basic Search

The backbone of any powerful spy tool depends on the data they present. With the staggering numbers we just stated, it is obvious that you need an equally powerful Search and Filter tool to sift through the millions of Ads.

AdSpy’s Enhanced Basic Search Tool is exactly what you need. This bad boy features more search options than any other Ad Intelligence Tool in the market today.

You can search by Ad Text, URL, Page Name, Text in the Ad, Advertiser Name, Comments, Number of Likes, and Type of Media used among others.

Further, the true measure of a comprehensive Search tool is its ability to filter. You can filter by Affiliate Network, Affiliate ID, Offer ID, Landing Page, Last seen, Likes, Comments, Share, and Longest running Ad.

All these filters serve an imperative role in ensuring you only browse what you need while at the same time you keep an eye on your competitor’s activities.

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AdSpy Pricing

AdSpy offers only one subscription package for all of its customers.

You are required to pay $149 a month to gain access to all of AdSpy features and perks.

If you are wondering about AdSpy Free Trial, there is none. However, you will be awarded a bunch of Free Credits once you sign up. That is your Free Trial. Use them to determine if you like AdSpy or not.

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AdSpy Pros

  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Outstanding features
  • Free trial

AdSpy Cons

  • Only one user per account
  • Searches often time out

Wrapping Up

Our AdSpy review highlights all the great ways AdSpy can boost your business. That plus our amazing AdSpy Coupon Code, there is nothing left to do but sign up.

Do not forget to share your new AdSpy Coupon Code resource with your friends. Sharing is caring.